In 2017, we founded our startup - a social e-commerce company - with the help of the Bahraini ecosystem, which provided mentorship, training, and other forms of non-financial support. We were fortunate enough to win a partnership at the International Unbound conference in Bahrain, and to be recognized as one of the top 100 rising ideas by Orange in Egypt. However, when Covid19 hit, we were forced to freeze the startup due to the critical financial situation. It was a tough decision, but we understood the importance of failing forward. We recognized that our core capabilities lay in Sales and Marketing, where we had over 30 years of cumulative experience, and decided to focus on that in our new journey. During this time, we reached out to a consulting company in Europe that was looking to expand to the Middle East. Despite the challenges posed by Covid19 - such as the curfew, remote work, and difficulty in meeting customers and closing deals - we agreed to work with them to help develop their business in the region. To overcome these challenges, we developed a new process for reaching Middle Eastern clients and growing the business in an innovative way. It proved successful, and the process was transferred to the client company, enabling them to expand to other regions and create a team of Business Development Managers across the world, covering Europe, Asia, America, and Australia. Since then, we have innovated unique selling processes customized to each client, helping them increase their revenue both locally and internationally in a cost-effective way. We pride ourselves on being a partner rather than a traditional agency, sharing our knowledge and learnings with our customers to ensure mutual growth. Our core value is to "focus on the client's growth," whether that's through Remote Sales, Social Media or Paid Ads.


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